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Our mission is to promote the well-being of the local communities, specifically the deprived sections, by spreading awareness and advocacy about physical and mental health issues. This is to be achieved by facilitating access to educational and healthcare opportunities and encouraging field based research in these areas and to use the findings for developing programs and projects to fulfill our objectives.


Educational programs:
The Trust endeavors to support underprivileged children in the communities to have access to educational opportunities at primary and secondary education level to begin with. This will be done by supporting the children of the community in giving remedial education and providing books and educational aids and other school supplies, sponsoring scholarships or aids for deserving students, carrying out community awareness programs in the settlements/colonies of the underprivileged sections of society.

Healthcare programs:
The Trust endeavors to improve the access of the underprivileged sections of the communities to basic healthcare, including periodic health checkup and diagnosis and screening of diseases, preventative care and health education. Our programs include setting up health camps, providing basic medical supplies, supporting medical professionals and improving primary health infrastructures in rural areas

To achieve the objective of improving the access of the under-privileged class to improve physical and mental healthcare, the Trust endeavors to set up polyclinics in such areas suitably equipped to provide basic healthcare as well as early detection of diseases

Mental Health Care programs:
With rising mental health issues across the society, there is an urgent need to focus on the mental health of the individuals as well as the communities around us. The Trust promotes mental health awareness with a view to destigmatize mental illnesses and to enable individuals and communities to deal with these issues in an open and professional way. Our programs include organizing workshops and seminars, distributing awareness materials and providing access to mental health resources and professionals.

Promoting Spiritualism as a technique of healing:
The Trust believes in blending education, scientific research, science and technology and spiritual way of life in promoting holistic healing. Spiritualism also gives a new attitude and outlook to life which in turn gives positivity, happiness and inner peace. Promoting Spiritualism as a technique of healing This helps out in many mental health issues. Spiritualism can provide a sense of purpose and meaning to our lives which is essential for our well-being. It can promote social connectedness and provide a supportive community for individuals facing circumstances.

Research and Development, Training Programs:
The Trust engages itself and encourages research and then implementation of results on community based health and education programs, diagnostic
techniques and awareness outreach programs. Trust conducts hands on training on conventional Radiology, Ultrasonography, and other Imaging
modalities to prepare field workers and professionals to reach out to the communities to improve access and delivery of quality outcomes with these diagnostic tools for early detection of diseases. The clinical data gathered through these field programs are analyzed by the expert teams for further research and devising improved methods for program delivery